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“壶穴博物馆”———白云山园区 Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area

wh  10-10-27 23:36



Baiyun Mountain Scenic area is located in the center of Ningde, which covers an area of 907.95 square kilometers, including the Baiyun Mountain, Jiulong Dong, Longting Creek Canyon, Lan Huang Canyon, gold Zhongshan, the five scenic spots. The paleovolcanic geoheritage in the scenic area has typicality and therefore is the base for the study of volcanic petrology, petrography and volcanic structures. It is of important value to scientific research and popularization. Numerous potholes, flow-erosion grooves and troughs, and vertical arc-shaped grooves developed in river courses or cliff walls by the two riverbanks in the Jiulongdong scenic spot and Longting canyon scenic spot in the Baiyunshan Scenic area. The pothole-dominated river erosion heritage distribute widely and densely with big size and changeable shapes. The abundant quantity, various types, big size, systematical development and well preservation make the landform extremely rare. Therefore, the landforms are worthwhile visiting and studying. They display the river erosion micro-landform and most beautiful scenery in the geopark.

 The Longting Stream is a rarely-seen winding stream that is developed in a deep-cutting granite canyon. Along the stream, there are many bends of a river, falling water, waterfall, shoal patchs, deep pools, and potholes forming the great scenery combined static with dynamic, beauty with magnificence.

The Feitian Well is a gigantic wall-penetrated pothole, with a diameter of 30m and a depth of about 50m. The wall of pothole is both concave and convex, suggesting falling water erosion and lateral eddy erosion were performed simultaneously.



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