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“浅水广场”——白水洋园区 Baishuiyang Scenic Area

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Baishuiyang Scenic area is located in Pingnan County, the west of Ningde City, with an area of 417.51 square kilometers, divided into Baishuiyang, Yiyang, Shuizhuyang, Shuangxi and Qipanding five scenic spots.
  Baishuiyang bedrock-composed flat riverbed is a unique river erosion-generated scenic spot and an extremely rarely-seen natural shallow water square. Baishuiyang has a total area of 80,000m2, with a length of about 1km and a width between 120m and 150m. There are also many typical river erosion heritages around the square, such as water erosion-generated wave marks on riverbed, erosion terrace, basal terrace, etc. These construct a natural museum showing a complete river erosion process. The old Pingnan County was located in Shuangxi Town. It is noted for its old, long and peaceful street, well preserved Confucianism Temple and Temple of City God. Large-scale houses of the town in the Ming and Qing style are representative residential houses in Pingnan County. The Scenic area boasts superior biological environment. Yiyang nature reserve of mandarin duck and monkeys in Baishuiyang Scenic Area is the only nature reserve of this kind.

The Yuanyangxi deep-cutting canyon in volcanic rocks has a total length of 18km and a free fall of over 300m high. The width of the canyons is changeable. Some can be several tens of meters, but some are less than 2m. The cliff walls are straight and steep, waterfalls are falling from a great height, the stream is sinuous, and pools appear frequently. Therefore, this canyon scenery is an integration of stream, waterfall, pool, peak, rock, cave and forest, quiet but majestic.
Qiancheng Bridge built first in the reign of Daoguang in Qing Dynasty, it measures 62.7m in length, enjoys one pier and two openings. With an opening span of 27m, it is a noted wooden-arched Chinese corridor bridge and known as key national antique at national protection level. The corridor bridge is famous for its elegant and unique pattern and its magnificent outer appearance.


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