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凤凰古城 Fenghuang Ancient City

wh  10-10-28 01:42


Fenghuang is a small city in Hunan province. It is the hometown which Shen Congwen wrote so passionately about. It is also the city which is called "the most beautiful town in China" by the New Zealand writer Rewi Alley.

Fenghuang is comprised of the old part and the new part. In the city, ethnic groups (Tujia, Miao and Han) live together. The old part was established when China was reined by Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty (1665-1772), which is neighboring with green mountains and lakes. Crystal clear and shallow Tuojiang River goes through the city. The city doors were located on each side of the red sandstone city walls. The wooden residential houses projecting over the water were standing on both sides of the river. Countless stone bridges, wooden bridges and piers are available everywhere to help you cross the river. Temples, ancestral halls and old residences of celebrities are scattered among folk houses with the long and narrow grey stoned lanes connecting them. 



When you walk on the stone lane which is about 2000 meters long from east to west, you will feel as if you were in a picture of ink painting. All the households have carved beams and painted rafters, and eaves, animal sculptures on the roof or firewalls look so exquisite and imposing. The most famous architectures are those wooden houses projecting over the river, which are antique and full of ethnic flavor. Unfortunately, most of them have been demolished and there are only about ten buildings still standing by the lake of Huilongtan. The sight of their delicate posture can bring you back in time.



When you are here, you should visit Shen Congwen's old residence. Walking on the grey stone lanes along the Zhongying Street and after a walk less than 20 meters, you will find an old typical southern courtyard house in front. This courtyard house is divided into the front part and the back part. A small courtyard covered with square red bricks is in the middle with 11 rooms on its two sides. The whole house is built by bricks and wood with grey tiles and white walls. All of its windows and doors are carved, which are small but unique, with a look of antique beauty. The whole building is characterized with southern Hunan architectural style in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.


        故居陈列室里,一张张清晰珍贵的图片,记录了沈从文步入尘世后所走过的艰难历程,那一行行流畅深沉的文字,忠实地记录了作家成长的过程。目睹这些实物,眼前似乎出现了沈老和蔼可亲的音容笑貌,仿佛又听见沈老:“照我思索,能理解我;照我思索,可认识人” 的教诲。

In the exhibition room, one precious picture after another records the hardship which Shen Congwen experienced in all his life. The description beneath every picture faithfully shows the growth of this great writer. Look at them, Mr.Shen's smiling face seem to appear in my mind, and his voice revives in my ear. He seems like telling us again and again, "Think like me, you will understand me. Think like me, you can understand people."

Mr. Shen's work needs to be enjoyed alone in quite. Fenghuang ancient city also needs to be appreciated alone by slowly strolling along its every street, lane and riverside.



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