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Yonghe Lama Temple

editor  13-10-31 14:27

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If you pass through the north end of Beijing's second ring road, you will see a magnificent ancient building complex. When the south wind blows, you may even detect the smell of burning emanating out from inside. This is the Yonghe Lama Temple. 
Yonghe Lama Temple is Beijing’s largest Tibetan Buddhist temple, and stands in the place of what used to be the mansion of the Qing dynasty emperor Yongzheng before he ascended the throne. When he came to power, he granted half of it to one eminent Tibetan Buddhist monk. Later, when his son, Emperor Qianlong, was enthroned, he again built on this foundation, and Yonghe Lama Temple was turned into a royal temple. Because of its relationship with the two emperors, the temple became a blessed place. In contrast with other temples, it has red walls and yellow tiles. Every aspect of the temple was built in accordance with royal standards.
Inside the Yonghe Lama Templehere is a figure of Buddha carved in white sandalwood. It was made from a single sandalwood tree 26 meters in length and 8 meters in diameter. The figure's whole body is covered in gold leaf and inlaid with all kinds of precious stones. It is said the figure's clothes were made from over 5,000 bolts of satin. The figure has been recorded in the Guinness World Records as China's largest statue of Buddha carved from a single piece of wood. 
Like many Buddhist holy land, thousands of people go to the temple to pray on the Lunar New Year’s Day. With the popularity of the time-travel novel these years, Yonghe Lama Temple has become a mysterious place to travel through ancient and modern in the legend which has more mysteries. With both the piety of Buddhist and the royal grace, it is definitely extraordinary.


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