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放河灯 River Lanterns

wh  10-09-03 15:07





Chengdu is a city of leisure and culture. It is really a beautiful view to watch river lanterns in Jinjiang river on Chinese traditional festivals.
Old people in Chengdu say that, a long time ago, when a family member passed away, after inviting monks make ceremony for him or her, the whole family would come to the riverside and put oil and wicks into lotus flowers or boats made of oiled brown paper and light them. Their lanterns drifted away in the river. It is a way of releasing grief.
Nowadays, to place lanterns in the river is only a way of releasing grief, but also a custom to pray for happiness. Therefore, on festivals, especially on Dragon Boat Festival or Middle Autumn Festival, many people go to place lanterns in the Jinjiang River. With own-made or bought lanterns in hand, people write their wishes and their longings to their passed-away family members. They will light the candles in their lanterns and wait in queue on the riverside. At the moment people place their lanterns, you can the excitement on their faces. They all hope that the candles will go out in their sight and the small lanterns will bring hope and blessing to place far away. They feel relieved after praying happiness for their relatives.
The loquacious water flows with lotus lanterns. The candle lights look like stars in the sky. Near Hejiang Pavilion, you can enjoy a view of thousands of glittering red lanterns mixing with the reflection of the veranda. It is really a beautiful scene.



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