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青青麦田 Green Fields

wh  10-09-14 14:37

If one talks of Yangzhou, most people will conjure up images of river dolphins and Saury fish. Indeed Yangzhou is located in the lower stretch of the Yangtze River, known for its "golden waterways". As a central hub connecting north and south of this great river, it holds an obvious advantage in shipping logistics. The town’s rice paddies are fertile and it is rich in commodities. It has been referred to as the "Little Venice on the Yangtze".

However, today we shall not introduce these traits with which everyone is familiar, but talk of the green fields of wheat situated in New Dam Town. New Dam Town is located to the northwest of Yangzhou. As early as 1995 it had been bestowed the accolade of "The Star of China's rural Towns", winning an innumerable amount of awards to boot. What’s more, New Dam Town has, for many years running, been ranked first out of the ten most economically developed towns in Zhenjiang municipality. Having come to visit friends and called upon relatives, I was not prepared to be moved by the beauty of the wheat fields. An endless vista of green wheat fields bristled with the energy of nature. When a soft breeze blew past, the unripe ears of wheat would gently nod their heads in the wind.   


Most people are somewhat familiar with the spectacle of ripe, golden wheat, glistening in vast autumn fields. The approaching harvest can fill one with excitement. But rarely does one notice the process in which the wheat shoots mature prior to the harvest. In my eyes, the endless wheat fields are much like a huge green blanket spreading to the horizon. Scattered among the wheat, wild flowers catch the eye. Bright yellows and soft purples pattern this green blanket, making for a most pleasant view. Stop to listen and you will hear the buzz of bees busily flying between flowers, collecting honey. In the moment that they pause, I snap a photo of them.

In my opinion, it is not only famous tourist sites that can lead us to experience beauty. Idyllic vistas that are stumbled across at random may give us greater pleasure and leave a more indelible memory. 



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