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泰山 Mount Taishan

estella  11-07-14 09:49

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       泰山位于山东省中部。风景名胜区面积250平方公里。它是中国黄河流域古代文化的发祥地之一,被誉为“五岳”之 首。其山势磅礴雄伟,峰峦突兀峻拔,景色壮丽。中国历代帝王都把泰山当作天的象征,纷纷到此封禅、祭告天地。历史上的中国文化名人都曾登临泰山,留下诗 文、墨宝。泰山风景区内,现有古建筑群22处,古遗址97处,历代碑碣819块,历代刻石1800处,为研究中国古代历史、书法等提供了重要而丰富的实物 资料。1987年,泰山被联合国教科文组织世界遗产委员会列为世界文化、自然双重遗产。泰山不只是一座风景山,更是一座文化山。
Mount Taishan, with a scenic area of 250 square km, is located in the middle of Shandong Province. It is one of the birthplaces of the ancient culture along the Yellow River, and is regarded as the first of the Five Sacred Mounts. Mount Taishan is celebrated for the precipitous peaks and the miraculous sceneries. In Chinese history, emperors of the past feudal dynasties would take journey to Mount Taishan, which was considered the symbol of heaven, to worship and offer sacrifices to the heaven. Writers and artists had left numerous pieces of poems and calligraphy works when they toured Mount Taishan. Currently, there are 22 groups of buildings, 97 ancient remains and historical sites, 819 pieces of stele, 1,800 pieces of carved stones, which provide plenty of valuable evidences to make research on Chinese ancient history and calligraphy. Mount Taighan is not only a mountain of scenery, but also a mountain of culture.


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