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一个人的黔行手记之四:岜沙的汉子(上)Travel Alone in Guizhou: Men of Basha (part one)

estella  11-07-26 12:38

Language:中文 pin yin English

Travelling in the southeast of Guizhou, I have seen many gracefully slender girls of the Miao nationality and enjoyed numerous enchanting folk songs, but as soon as I set foot in Basha, I was instantly fascinated by its extraordinary charm.
       岜沙,传说是蚩尤的后裔。蚩尤是中国神话中的战神,上古时代九黎族部落酋长,原为炎帝臣属。炎帝被黄帝击败后,蚩尤举兵反抗, 在涿鹿展开激战。传说蚩尤有八只脚,三头六臂,铜头铁额,刀枪不入,不吃不休,勇猛无比。黄帝不能取胜便请天神相助,杀得天昏地暗,血流成河。后蚩尤被黄帝所杀,帝斩其首葬之,首级化为血枫林。黄帝尊蚩尤为兵主,即战争之神。因他勇猛无比,黄帝便把他的形象画在军旗上,鼓励士气,威慑敌人。
Basha was said to be the descendant of Chiyou, the God of War in ancient Chinese myth and the chieftain of the tribe Jiuli, who had been a subordinate of the Emperor Yan. When the Yellow Emperor defeated Emperor Yan, Chiyou resisted Yellow Emperor in Zhuolu with his army. It was said that Chiyou had eight legs, three heads and six arms, whose head was covered under copper and iron mask which was invulnerable to swords and spears. His valor was unrivaled and he could constantly fight even without food and rest. Yellow Emperor found Chiyou a formidable enemy and thus turned to gods for help. The war was so fierce that the sky was blocked by the raised dust and the battlefield became a river of blood. In the end, Chiyou was killed by the Yellow Emperor. His head was cut down and buried, which turned into a forest of blood-red maple trees. Yellow Emperor had his image drawn on his army flag to enhance the troop morale and intimidate enemies.
Though the legend is romantic and mysterious, here in Basha you could still experience this spirit of bravery, masculinity, and simplicity. Basha was not far from the bustling city, but compared with those old villages where traditional customs were forced to be preserved thanks to the remoteness and inaccessibleness to the modern areas, it kept its characteristics via the help of a spiritual power.
I hadn’t expected too much before I went there, because many years ago, this village, entitled “the last tribe of marksman”, had been repeated by mass media. I always took an aversion for those places which styled themselves as “the last something”, and I was self-convinced that they were more in name than in reality. As a result, for Basha, I just planned to try my luck.


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