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一个人的黔行手记之四:岜沙的汉子(下)Travel Alone in Guizhou: Men of Basha (part three)

estella  11-08-25 09:37

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A group of tourists came on the second day after my arrival. Girls and boys in the village got together to put on a performance. A series of customs as greeting guests, firing a salute, Lusheng dance, sacrificing to the God of Tree, haircutting with sickles, and taking a bribe by force, were put on one after another as if they were just items in the programme. The performers seemed casual and careless, and even the chieftain lacked the seriousness needed for presiding over a ceremony. The villagers felt quite easy in front of the cameras and adopted different poses to take better photos.
However, I still could spot something different in the men’s eyes. Living in an information age, they could not escape from being found, exposed and watched in front of the public. They were gradually influenced by the modern civilization. But the unbending spirit of the God of War had been preserved in their blood. They were still sticking to their old customs and tradition of “men hunting and women farming and knitting”, keeping their hairstyles and clothing, and worshipping the nature and ancestors.

Even in the performance there was not a little flattery or frivolity in the men’s eyes. They looked so firm and persistent, showing a great deal of masculinity. It was the same with their children. I met a little beautiful and lovely boy who was only 7 or 8 years old. Every tourist would take a photo with him and then gave him one or two yuan as return. From the beginning to the end, he never smiled even after receiving the money.
       短暂的两日停留,使我只能成为这个族群的匆匆过客。我无法对他们有进一步的了解,虽然我是如此好奇。我多希望能够深入这个族群,更多地了解他们的历史,他们的内心世界。我也想去参加一场古老的出生礼和树葬礼,见证一个枪手从生到死的历程。可惜我终归还是得离去,带着好 奇和迷惑,也带着希望与不甘离去。
I spent only two days as a temporary guest here. I haven’t been able to know more about them although I was so curious. How I hoped to get closer to them and know more about their history and their inner world. I also wanted to watch a birth ceremony and a tree burial, witnessing the life process of a gunman. But I had to leave after all, with all my curiosity, my confusion, my hope, and my reluctance.


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